Is it time to bring back the Rocking Chair?

Our elderly patients USE them and children LOVE them. But there are many more reasons to revive this age old comfort chair for ALL ages! To start with, our team at Core Clapton think that there are many benefits, from an Osteopathic perspective, to daily use of Rocking Chairs.

5 Physical Benefits of Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs have been around for hundreds of years, and survived the test of time even though they are not trendy at the moment.

1. ARTICULATES THE JOINTS - The Movement of rocking articulates (rhythmically moves) all the joints of the foot. Helping to “oil “ the joint by improving the production of joint fluid, and by improving blood supply to the area. So helps movement of toes, feet, ankles, knees and even hips.

2. REDUCES CONSTIPATION - Studies have shown that rocking can have an impact on gut mobility reducing constipation.

3. REDUCES OEDEMA - The action of rocking causes the calf muscles to contract and release, acting like a “mini heart” pushing blood and fluid back up to the heart. This can help to reduce Oedema(swelling) and the production of varicose veins.

4. REDUCE FALLS - It can also help with proprioception (the sense of where your body is in space) and balance . So may help reduce the tendency to falls.

5. NATUAL PAINKILLERS - Rocking also stimulates the body to produce natural painkillers (Endorphins).

The 'CREATIVES' - a new generation of Rocking Chair enthusiasts?

We all know that creative ideas generally come to us when we're relaxed. So could it be that Rocking Chairs = creativity? Scientific American says that when our minds to wander, as they tend to in Rocking Chairs, it can "actually foster creativity".

See more about the Scientific American article here.

Well we can't think of a better way to aid creativity than to let our minds wander than in an old-fashioned rocking chair.

Will YOU be ahead of the game and add one of these CREATIVITY ENHANCING chairs to your workspace?

We are investigating completing our WORKSPACE area here at Core Clapton, with a few Rocking Chairs, to aid the minds of our regular entrepreneurs.


Far from being an out dated piece of furniture, it seems that Rocking Chairs could enhance our lives physically and mentally too.

With so much to back up this revival, Core Clapton is firmly behind the campaign to bring back the Rocking Chair!

Ref: Niemelä et al (2011). Benefits of home-based rocking-chair exercise for physical performance in community-dwelling elderly women: a randomized controlled trial. Aging Clin Exp Res;23(4):279-87.


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