Osteopathy restores your body’s natural balance and gets you back to doing the things you enjoy most.

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What is osteopathy

Osteopathy uses hands-on manipulation to relieve pain and discomfort and restore health and function to the whole body. From common back and neck pain associated with laptops and desk work, to the stresses and strains of busy lives, osteopathy restores the body’s natural balance and gets you back to doing the things you enjoy most.

What we treat

Osteopaths are accomplished at treating a variety of conditions, and can help you get out of pain fast.

Specialist Clinics

Our team of highly-skilled osteopaths have undergone specialist training in various fields to afford you the care you deserve.

Our Osteopaths

As well as servicing Hackney and the surrounding boroughs, our Osteopaths all work in busy clinics around London and beyond. They are all highly motivated individuals, aiming to get each patient back to doing what they love, as well as furthering themselves and the profession by getting involved in CORE's research projects.

Hackney’s #1 clinic of choice

Since our 2017 launch we’ve treated over 2,750 people suffering from persistent pain.
40% of our patients come from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.
*Four times higher than the UK average for osteopathy.
Over 40% of all our patients get low-cost osteopathy, subsidised by our charity.
“My back pain was treated so effectively that it went away after the first few sessions and it has thankfully not bothered me at all since the completion of my treatment.”
M Choudhury

How Core Clapton got me running again

“Whether you’re struggling with an injury, chronic pain, physical stress, or simply want to be at your best, our dynamic team of osteopaths focus on getting you.”

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