Hip and Knee Pain

Hip and knee pain are both common conditions that can cause considerable problems to our everyday lives. But with the right treatment there's no reason why you can't be up and moving again pain-free.

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Most of us will experience hip or knee pain at some point in our lives. Although unpleasant, it is rarely serious and will recover with the appropriate treatment and care. The pain may be related to an injury, pulled muscle, ligament strain, arthritis or tendonitis.

By looking at the relationship between the hip, knee, ankle and foot treatment will help you get back to the activities you love doing, whether that's running, yoga or walking.


Osteopathy is a highly successful method of treating  pain and functional impairment. After taking a thorough case history and examining your body, your osteopath will create a diagnosis and treatment plan. Osteopaths combine massage therapy, joint manipulation, mobilisations and stretching of your muscles to relieve you from your aches, spasms and feelings of stiffness. Your osteopath will also provide you with specific  exercises and give you advice for the best posture to adopt at home, in the office or at night during sleep.

COMMON conditions affecting the hip and knee

• Hip and knee osteoarthritic pain

• Femoral acetabular impingement (FAI)

• Ligament sprains and strains

• Patellofemoral (anterior kneee) pain

• Runner's and Jumper's knee

What We do

Case History

An in-depth exploration of your problem, how it came about, and how it is affecting your life.


A thorough examination to find out what's wrong and what we can do about it.


An expert, hands-on treatment to get your body working again, tailored to your sensitivities.


Top tips to maximise your body's own healing capacity in the shortest time possible.

See how we treat hips and knees...

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