A pain freE life for all

Everyone deserves to be free of injury, chronic pain or physical stress, whatever their income.


CORE stands for the Centre for Osteopathic Research and Excellence. We were founded to study the effectiveness of osteopathy and improve the lives of people living with chronic pain. Today there is a growing global addiction to pain medication and a rapid increase in reported cases of chronic pain. In response, we work tirelessly to find effective non-surgical or drug-related pain treatment.


Community - to educate about pain management and injury prevention, and how osteopathy can help.
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Osteopathy - to improve access to osteopathy making it affordable and accessible to all.
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Research - to gather and publish research on how osteopathy can improve quality of life.
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Excellence - to build relationships with healthcare professionals and raise the profile of osteopathy as a safe and effective method of pain relief.
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Our Impact

Chronic pain now affects 1 in 3 of the world’s population. It prevents people living their lives. Back pain alone accounts for 40% of sickness absence in the NHS and costs the UK economy £10 billion a year. But just treating pain with medicine is wrong and is causing a growing global opioid painkiller dependency epidemic.

Pain needs to be treated with education, empathy and understanding, and strategies to promote healthy behaviours. And it benefits from hands-on manipulation of the body. Osteopathy provides all of the above.

Often the most vulnerable people, those who’d benefit the most, can't afford osteopathy. This is why we created Core to research and report on osteopathy’s positive effect on chronic pain, to champion awareness within the medical community, and to make sure people’s financial status wasn’t a barrier to living a pain-free.

“My back pain was treated so effectively that it went away after the first few sessions and it has thankfully not bothered me at all since the completion of my treatment.”

- Shaminderjit Gill

Since Core Clapton opened in 2017, thousands of people like Shami have benefited from our affordable osteopathy.

Since our 2017 launch, we've treated over 2,000 people suffering from persistent pain
Our average patient satisfaction score is 9/10
27% of our patients come from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities
Over 50% of our patients get low-cost treatment subsidised by our charity

How we fund our charity

By choosing to rent our space, take a class, have a massage or enjoy one of our wellness events our community directly funds our charity. Core Clapton provides low-cost osteopathy to underserved communities whilst researching drug-free treatments for chronic pain, helping us towards our vision of a pain-free life for all.


Help us create a world where everyone has the right to a pain-free life.

Support our team to deliver low-cost, high quality osteopathy and wellness classes to build a healthier and happier community.

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Our founder: A vision for a pain-free world

I spent 5 years as the principal osteopath for Goldman Sachs in the City. I decided to set up Core Clapton with the backing of one of my patients, Bobby Vedral, then a Goldman Sachs Partner. He shared my belief that osteopathy wasn’t just for the wealthy. So began our mission to make osteopathy accessible to all, and our vision of building healthy, active communities, free from pain.
Chronic pain now affects 1 in 3 people and can be devastating. But by preventing the transition from acute pain, and offering individual care to chronic pain sufferers, we can get them back to leading healthier and happier lives.
Everyone in our team is dedicated to advancing osteopathic healthcare and treating people holistically. We’re committed to furthering our practice and regularly hold seminars for healthcare practitioners and wellness professionals. Our passion is knowing the human body, understanding pain and rediscovering health.
I’m proud that Core Clapton has evolved into a total wellness centre, offering movement-based classes and health talks to help nurture a community that is free from pain.

Community CLINIC

As part of our mission to make osteopathy accessible to all we offer concessionary rates  to those on low income.

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