At Core Clapton, every one of our team goes through our year-long post-graduate training course to ensure we have the most reflective, skilled and evidence-based practitioners available.

Part of your fee also goes towards helping us to provide subsidised treatment for people on low income and to allow us to undertake essential research into drug-free treatment for chronic pain.

So, as well as getting fast and efficient relief from your pain you are also helping us realise our mission of a pain-free life for all.

For more information about our concessionary fees visit our Pricing page.

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Osteopathy uses hands-on maniplulation of the body to restor health and function, helping to alleviate pain and discomfort. From common back, shoulder and neck pain due to working from home, bad posture and hunching over laptops, to arthritis, sports injuries and repetitive strains.

Initial Consultation

Initial appointments are 45 minutes and include a detailed case history, assessment, and if appropriate, treatment and exercise advice.


Follow-Up Consultation

Follow-up appointments last 30 minutes and include re-assessment and continuation of treatment, plus further additions to your management plan.


Initial Consultation (Online)

After taking a detailed case history our osteopaths will offer personalised exercises and self-care advice as part of a personalised osteopathic


Follow-Up Consultation (Online)

Follow-up consultations are for those patients who have already had an initial consultation (online or face-to-face) and require further management advice.


Follow-Up (Over 6 Months)

If you haven't attended an appointment at Core Clapton for more than 6 months we will need extra time in order to assess any significant changes to your medical history.


Refer A Friend - Initial Consultation

Have you been referred by a friend for an Initial Consultation? Book here to receive £10 off your first appointment at Core. Name of referrer must be provided.