Headaches can affect anyone at anytime and while they are occasionally a sign of something serious, the majority of the time they can be easily treated with a careful management plan. From migraines and tension-type headaches, to referred pain from the neck and jaw, by working out the main factors that contribute to your headaches, osteopathy can make a whole world of difference.

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Frequent headaches can have a devastating effect on those afflicted, stopping them from being able to fully enjoy their lives. As there are several reasons for headaches, your osteopath will help get to the underlying cause of your symptoms and alleviate your pain through massage and manipulation. You will be guided with advice on simple lifestyle changes and exercises which can further help relieve muscular tension, improve stress levels, and reduce the chances of the headaches returning.

As well as primary headaches, such as migraine and tension-type, which have a genetic predisposition, headaches are often caused by problems with the neck, sinuses, jaw and eye muscles. These so-called secondary headaches can be significantly relieved by addressing the underlying causes. 

Headaches caused by the neck (known as cervicogenic headaches) can be easily treated by improving mobility and muscular tension of the neck, as well as addressing posture, poor habits and lifestyle factors.

Whichever headache you may have, your osteopath can help find the underlying cause and give you the tools to find a way out of the repetitive cycle of head pain.


Osteopathy is a highly successful method of treating  pain and functional impairment. After taking a thorough case history and examining your body, your osteopath will create a diagnosis and treatment plan. Osteopaths combine massage therapy, joint manipulation, mobilisations and stretching of your muscles to relieve you from your aches, spasms and feelings of stiffness. Your osteopath will also provide you with specific  exercises and give you advice for the best posture to adopt at home, in the office or at night during sleep.


• Migraines are a life sentence - Wrong! Often migraines will go months and years without pain with the correct treatments and lifestyle modifications.

• Tension-type headaches are caused by tight muscles around the face and head - Wrong! the word 'tension' refers to the feeling people get of a tight, crushing band around their head. The cause is complex, and releasing the muscles around the head and neck do help, but successful treatment involves a whole body, whole-person approach.

• Headaches mean something is seriously wrong - Wrong! While it's true that serious pathology can cause head pain, most headaches are benign (not dangerous) and can be treated successfully with the right approach.

What We do

Case History

An in-depth exploration of your problem, how it came about, and how it is affecting your life.


A thorough examination to find out what's wrong and what we can do about it.


An expert, hands-on treatment to get your body working again, tailored to your sensitivities.


Top tips to maximise your body's own healing capacity in the shortest time possible.


Osteopathic treatment for headaches is gentle and often pleasurable. Watch our short video to see how we do this.

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