Let's Free Up Our Backs From Pain!

Back Pain - a rising phenomena

Last week was Back Care Awareness Week. Back pain is a global epidemic affecting a lot of us in the UK at some point in our lives. In fact, approximately 8 million adults report chronic pain that is moderate to severely disabling. Did you know that 40% of sickness absenteeism in the NHS is a result of back pain? It is costing the UK economy a whopping 10 billion pounds! What's more, back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

What you can do about it

In a fast paced world with work, family and life's admin to juggle, it's often difficult to keep up your own self-care but it's equally difficult to find the time and money to splash out on expensive therapies. Here at Core Clapton, we provide wellness classes for our local community on a donation based incentive. Pay what you can. It's all about staying fit, mobile and these classes help you do that. In the long-term this will keep you free from back pain.

Your own self-care

An awareness of your own limitations is essential. How much are you overdoing things? Be mindful about not only the physical load on your back but also the mental load. If you are overworked or stressed out, this can exhibit symptoms in your back.

Helping yourself at work

For desk workers, get your ergonomics right. How are you sitting at your computer?

  • Is your chair near enough to your screen so you are not having to lean your neck towards it?

  • If you wear glasses, are you wearing the right prescription?

  • Is your chair at the right height so that your elbows are resting at right angles to your desk?

  • Are you taking enough breaks from sitting? Keeping mobile is really important for a healthy back.

These small changes to your work space can make a big difference to bad postural habits.

Helping yourself at home

  • Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep is really important for rejuvenation of a lot of our bodily functions such as boosting our memory and our immune system.

  • Are you drinking enough water? Ideally you should be drinking your body weight in kg x 0.033 litres a day (see our blog dated 21st March on hydration). This helps to replenish water loss from sweating and keeps us hydrated which can reduce muscle pain and help kidney function (bad kidney function is one cause of low back pain).

  • Do you have enough time in your day to rest? Take some time out to focus on your breathing, relax and zone out. Whilst relaxing, concentrate on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth all the while thinking about releasing tension across your whole body.

Join the conversation about back pain

Read our blog article on low back pain from 5th April 2018.

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