Graduate Associate Osteopath

Deadline for applicants - 
Wednesday, July 31, 2024

Making the transition from student to professional osteopath can be a daunting experience, as suddenly developing and running a business becomes as vital a skill as clinical training and therapeutic judgement. Osteopathy has long had a problem with a lack of mentoring and career progression. CORE addresses this by ensuring its graduates are fully supported and advised in the critical first year of their professional career.

By signing up to be a graduate associate at CORE you will be provided with:

  • Access to mentoring from experienced senior osteopaths on both therapeutic and business management matters as you start out as an independent practitioner
  • Daily collaborative discussion with your osteopathic peers and mentors to share experiences, challenges and problems faced as an osteopathic practitioner
  • Fulfilment of CPD requirements through weekly sessions with the mentors
  • An opportunity to gain experience in building patient rapport and treating diverse therapeutic needs while fully supported
  • Participation in an innovative community-based osteopathic centre, designed to raise awareness and educate the community about the benefits of osteopathy
  • An opportunity to contribute to longitudinal studies to build up the clinical evidence-base for osteopathy
  • Clinic administrative and business skills to run your own practice in the future

To apply send your CV and covering letter stating why you would be a good candidate for this role to

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