Core Clapton is located in the heart of upper Clapton in a beautifully renovated 200 sqm Edwardian Parish Hall. Enjoying unparalleled light and ample fresh air, the space offers a deep sense of expansiveness and calm - a true sanctuary in the city. We provide a dynamic wellness offering of classes, therapies, workshops, and osteopathy treatments. Available for hire for bespoke and recurring events, Core Clapton is East London's go to for health, happiness, and movement. As well as being affordable, all profits go to our charity arm, which provides accessible osteopathy to the community.


Core Clapton

Registered Charity: No. 1166246

Registered Address:

161 Northwold Road, Upper Clapton

London, E5 8RL

Telephone: 0300 561 0161


Clinic Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

10am - 4pm

Tuesday &  Thursday: Closed

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