Sunday Serenity

Sunday, September 17, 2023
10AM - 12:30PM
Core Clapton
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Take a deep breath and celebrate the summer season with the mindful fusion of Slow Flow, Restorative Yoga and Sound Bath. Expect a gentle, slow and soulful flow with a deeply nourishing, restorative thread led by Isabella Hayward. Journey to the internal, unwind, arriving home to the body as we work into the deep connective tissue and fascia and begin to quieten the mind. Practice accompanies live, traditional sitar music as we surrender to a therapeutically restorative state. The session will be completed by a breathtaking Sound Bath by Simone Salvatici, whose skilful use of various instruments will transport you to another realm. You can enjoy complimentary healthy snacks and refreshments to complete the experience.

The Facilitators:
Simone Salvatici - Sitar, Soundbath

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound therapist, influential within Drone and Ambient music. Simone’s work focuses on blurring the boundaries between sound art and sound healing. He has released many records and performed in venerable venues in London as well as international festivals. Fully qualified Sound Therapist, specialises in the use of gongs, Himalayan and crystal bowls, tuning forks, synthesiser and string instruments.

Simone has studied under masters of the craft such as Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux, world-renowned sacred music Maestro Manuel Minguillon, Sitar guru Pandit Shivnath Mishra and at a number of prestigious academies programs, including the University of Music and Performative Arts of Florence and The British Academy of Sound Therapy.

Simone has also received Kriya Yoga and Nada Yoga training in India and he often incorporates these practices into his sound experiences., @sselvatic

Isabella Hayward- Yoga

Bella is a yoga and movement practitioner who shares the practice of yoga in the UK, the West Indies and at retreats and festivals across Europe. Movement has always been her art form. She first discovered yoga during her time at drama school and has never looked back. Having experienced the life-changing benefits of yoga first-hand and learning how to look after her body, she treasures creating a safe space for students to delve into the physical, emotional and energetic body. With over 8 years of practice and training under the guidance of Vidya Heisel, Frog Lotus Yoga International, she draws from her background in movement and dance, and weaves the teachings of Vinyasa, Power and Restorative yoga; marrying breath with the fluidity of movement. She now spends her time sharing the teachings of yoga alongside working in theatre and film.

Bella’s classes cater for all with optional modifications and advanced possibilities. She blends classic yogic principles originating from India with her passion for creative sequencing, sharing empowering and therapeutically restorative practices. Breath by breath, through moving meditation, we arrive home to ourselves., @bellahaywardr

All profits go towards our mission of a pain-free life for all (CORE is a registered charity, No 1166246)

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