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Humans of Core Clapton: Stephen's story

November 22, 2021

"Before coming to Core Clapton I could not walk. I could not enjoy my favourite stroll in west London, the pub, the regular fish & chips with extra vinegar, the look of other peoples faces… those faces that make us feel less lonely…

And I know what it means to feel lonely. Just a short time ago my loved partner Sandy passed away. She was unwell for a while, but the illness hadn’t taken away her beautiful complexion and wit. I cared for her until the end, and now the void feels immense. She was special. I still see her everywhere I go...

After Sandy passed, my knee really started playing up. The pain was so intense it became the centre of my days, defining whether or not I could feel happy, active and connected to this world. I could not afford private treatments, and what my GP offered just would not work: medication, exercises… all useless.

This was me until one day my Social Prescriber referred me to Core Clapton’s Community Programme and I was able to get free osteopathic treatment. After the first appointment at Core Clapton something instantly shifted. I can’t fully describe what, but my stride felt as confident as it had in ages, my knee was not hurting all the time, a weight seemed to lift from my legs...

I felt as if finally someone had taken the time to listen and understand what this pain meant for me, and allowed me to make sense of it. Indeed, it started after my beloved companion passed away and got worse throughout the bereavement, and now look at me, I am back walking the West End Streets!

Me and my osteopath shared a plan and an aim, and together we worked towards our goal. He gave me great exercises, supported me when I was feeling low, soothed my muscles when they were sore, and, though there have been ups and downs throughout the recovery, I am back to feeling connected. Core Clapton has been amazing.”



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