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Humans Of Core Clapton: Hermione's Story

July 7, 2022

“My name is Hermione and this is Cassandra Rose or Cassie as we call her, she’s 8 ½ months. Cassie is my second child and I’m forty three now, so I was considered a bit of an older mum, but that wasn’t a problem for me. She was very wanted and we were really excited to have her. Though breastfeeding was fine for Cassie, the hours of feeding on my side and holding her at funny angles caused a lot of pain in my back, neck, shoulder and pelvis. Funny to think that all of this popped up just from having another little being in our lives… but it started affecting my ability to get much needed rest and that’s why I came here to Core Clapton.

My experience of osteopathy has been amazing. It’s been so nice to be involved in the treatment with my daughter Cassie as, after all, we’re sharing a lot of space, time, physical and emotional experiences. We’re a little team and Ruby made us work as one throughout our sessions. Treatments felt flexible yet therapeutic, and adapting to the baby’s needs was never awkward or difficult: if I wasn’t holding the baby, Ruby would, or we’d let her on the floor for a bit, or one day I also had my six years old son with me and Ruby got him involved with helping with the baby whilst I received treatment. That has been super important for me as a mum. Coming somewhere where I know that my needs are going to be met and I’m going to feel welcome is invaluable. It made it easier to relax and have the treatment. It’s been wonderful, it has felt like a real treat for me.

My pain has reduced significantly. I had gone from waking up in the night and having to take painkillers to not taking any at all now. I feel more at ease in my body and all the areas that needed to be addressed have been addressed. I feel more comfortable and balanced, it has worked really well.

I would 100% recommend it to anyone. Whether you’re pregnant, you’ve just had a baby or your child is a little bit older, it’s so important for us mums not to just look after our babies but our own bodies too. The effects that birth can have on us can go on for a long time so the earlier you deal with them, the better!”



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