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 Osteopathy is becoming increasingly used amongst both professional and amateur sportspersons alike, and for good reason. 

The philosophy behind osteopathy is of an holistic approach to healing meaning we don't just look at the injured body part in isolation but take into account the whole person. We look at the biomechanics above and below the site of injury, the thoughts and beliefs of the person, and how they eat, drink and sleep.

Sports injuries often occur when someone does 'too much, too soon', i.e. they push their bodies beyond the physiological limit for them at that time. They then desperately try to fix their problem by training harder, pushing through  pain barriers, or the exact opposite, by resting too much and then suddenly trying to get back to the same level they left off from. This leads to a vicious cycle of pain and hypersensitivity, where the muscle guarding, altered movement patterns and inevitable anxiety and fear of more pain lead to a persistent pain cycle.

An osteopath will look at the area of pain or dysfunction, and, using a combination of hands-on techniques, stretching and exercise advice, will begin to improve the biomechanical efficiency of the area whilst desensitising the surrounding tissues, encouraging healthy pain-free movements, and ultimately helping the patient get back to what they enjoy doing.

This holistic view of the body makes us more effective at addressing 'labelled' conditions or diagnosed (or undiagnosed) sports-related injuries. These may take the form of 'tendonitis' (eg. patellar or Achilles), foot or heel pain (plantar fasciitis), acute strains, sprains, or muscle tears (eg hamstring, rotator cuff, biceps), nerve entrapment (stingers), labral tears (FAI, SLAP lesions). As well as more persistent problems that may effect an athletes ability to perform, such as headaches, back pain, repetitive strain injuries or gait disturbances.

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