Holistic Massage with Sara Le Turcq

Massage entered my life at the age of 15 to support my body in my training to become a professional dancer. Over the course of the following 20 years I experienced a wide array of healing techniques, from osteopathy to acupuncture, chiropractic, cranial osteopathy, shiatsu… as well as counseling and various energy healing modalities.

Following my own experience as a patient and with an accrued understanding of the many dimensions of health, I decided to acquire the skills to become a healer myself and trained at the Chicago College of Healing Art in Chicago, IL (USA). There I completed the Massage course in 2005 followed by a training in Structural Therapy in 2006 and have since practiced part-time in conjunction with a career in Arts administration.

I believe in the healing power of gentleness and abide by the Hippocratic Oath ‘First do no harm’. It is my greatest pleasure to provide the conditions in which healing and growth can occur, according to each patient’s specific journey.

Monday through Friday, 10am-2pm


Core Clapton

Registered Charity: No. 1166246

Registered Address:

161 Northwold Road, Upper Clapton

London, E5 8RL

Telephone: 0300 561 0161


Clinic Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

10am - 4pm

Tuesday &  Thursday: Closed

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