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The Centre for Osteopathic Research and Excellence (CORE) was founded to study the effectiveness of osteopathy and find ways to improve the lives of people living with chronic pain. During the global opioid epidemic and with chronic pain now reaching endemic proportions, we are working relentlessly to find more effective ways to treat pain without relying on addictive drugs and avoidable surgical interventions.

Find out more about how our research is already making a difference in patients’ lives, and read more about upcoming research projects.

Osteopathy for ‘medically unexplained symptoms’ (MUS’s)

We are developing a pilot research project with Age UK East London, funded by BUPA, aiming to improve health and wellbeing in a socially isolated group of patients frequently presenting to the Accident and Emergency Department (A&E). Our osteopaths will treat people who present to A&E with medically unexplained symptoms, such as non-cardiac chest pain or non-fracture hip pain and balance issues after falls, that do not require hospital treatment. Such problems do not have a medical explanation, yet significantly impair people’s ability to function, and lead to significant resource use to the NHS, in social worker care costs and repeated visits to A&E.

Improving the quality of life for Veterans and their carers

In Veterans 40-50 per cent who saw active service in Iraq and Afghanistan have developed chronic pain compared to 29 per cent of the general population. Veterans are also often discharged from military service with high dose opioids to relieve their pain. Recent research has shown that opioids lead to dependency and fatalities from accidental overdose.

Core Clapton is designing a research project to assess the impact of osteopathic treatment on Veterans and their carers with musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

Quantifying the treatment effect of osteopathy in older adults

Chronic pain is more prevalent in older adults and with an ageing population it is unclear where the resources to treat this demographic will come from.

We are in the early stages of a research project, supported by the Osteopathic Foundation, aiming to investigate the effects of osteopathic treatment on the quality of life and resilience of older adults. This project will be aimed at older adults aged 65+ presenting to our clinic with chronic musculoskeletal pain. Our aim is to help older adults maintain their independence, enabling them to stay in their homes and communities.

Improving the health and wellbeing of carers with hip or knee pain

CORE recently conducted research into the effectiveness of osteopathy in improving the health and wellbeing of carers with hip or knee pain in cooperation with City and Hackney Carers Centre. Core Clapton offered twenty Hackney carers six free osteopathic sessions to help manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.


We found clinically significant improvement in musculoskeletal health in 100% of the carers after a course of six treatments, with the MSK-HQ questionnaire measuring statistically significant change from pre and post treatment scores. 


And our carers scored their practitioners with 48 out of 50 in a validated measure of how cared for they felt.


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