Innovative well-being charity is making noise in Hackney

Connect Hackney’s weekly Social Singing class had a surprise visitor last week in the form of Mayor Glanville and Connect Hackney programme director Tony Wong, both of whom were roped into singing by the group. The social singers of wellness charity CORE Clapton have been meeting every Friday of 2019 to sing and share a coffee in a friendly, social environment. “It makes me feel like I'm walking on air!” says weekly attendee Evadne. "When I go, I just feel great!".

CORE Clapton was originally set up as the flagship enterprise of the Centre for Osteopathic Research and Excellence (CORE), providing affordable osteopathy for the community. It has since expanded to provide a host of wellbeing activities, from yoga and pilates to social singing and tai chi, with the aim of encouraging local communities to get together and lead healthier, happier lives.

Co-founder and CEO Danny Orchard created CORE Clapton to address the crippling effects of chronic pain and provide safe, effective pain management for the people of Hackney and beyond.

“We give people the tools and understanding to keep their body working to its full potential, and promote activities and habits to help them lead a healthier lifestyle.” says Danny.

CORE Clapton offers a space for the local community to access services usually reserved for those who can afford it - with osteopathy sessions from £20 and yoga and strengthening classes from as little as £2.

Osteopaths at CORE Clapton have already seen over 1,700 patients since opening in July 2017, with 60% receiving subsidised treatment, paid for by the higher fee paying patients.

To sign up to one of our classes or to seek osteopathic care for a painful disorder, call 0300 5610 161 or visit our website for more details: Osteopaths are one of thirteen NHS allied health professionals, so referrals from your GP are not required.

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Telephone: 0300 561 0161


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