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Updated: Jan 19

It’s estimated that pain costs the UK economy as much as £15 billion each year. Chronic (long term) pain is estimated to effect as much as half the population of the UK (Fayaz, 2017). Regardless of its enormous prevalence and strong links to issues such as anxiety and depression, pain is still often seen as an invisible disease.

Pain is unpleasant, whatever the cause

The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience”. Pain may be connected with tissue damage, or can result from a long list of psychological, emotional or environmental issues. Our thoughts, beliefs, fear or even the anticipation of potential pain, can all cause pain itself. Whatever the cause, or causes, pain is something nearly all of us will experience in some form during our lifetime.

Let's talk about pain

Despite being perhaps one of the most relatable and common conditions in the world, many people in public and professional spheres still find it difficult to engage in conversation surrounding their own pain, or indeed the pain of others.

As osteopaths, a huge majority of the treatment we carry out is on individuals experiencing pain. At Core Clapton, we believe everyone has the right to a pain-free life, and therefore feel it is vital that we attempt to increase the conversation and awareness of pain as a condition in its own right.

Understand pain to prevent pain

Alongside ageing populations, and the social stress associated with pain, the burden it places upon us socially and economically is likely to continue to grow. However, by creating a larger conversation surrounding the condition, we also create more opportunities for increasing our understanding and being able to help prevent it.

Help us make pain visible

For professionals and members of the public alike, there are many ways to help those in pain. You can help us mark Pain Awareness Month, as we begin a year-long commitment to helping make pain more visible online and elsewhere.

Take a moment to post online about pain or issues surrounding it which you may relate to. Chat to those you know who may suffer with pain-related issues, or help colleagues, friends and family engage in conversation about your own pain, to provide a better insight into what we can all to do help.

Join the conversation around pain

Use the hashtags below, or mention Core Clapton on Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll be happy to try and help provide more information and insight.

To find more information on pain, surrounding topics, or how you can join us at one of our upcoming community talks, visit the Core Clapton website and sign up to our newsletter.




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