Nonica Papageorgiou


Nonica was born in Athens, Greece. At the age of 15 she started her undergraduate training at the Greek National Opera Dance School. When she turned 18, she joined the Greek National Ballet as a member of the corps de ballet. In 2010, she was given a full scholarship from the Alexander Onassis Foundation to complete her postgraduate course on Advanced Dance Studies at London Contemporary Dance School, in London. Since then she has worked as a dancer with many choreographers in the UK and internationally.


Nonica has been teaching ballet and contemporary dance since 2009. She currently studies Osteopathy at the University College of Osteopathy, winning the outstanding student award in 2017, and also works as a sports massage therapist. Her life’s work has been an expression of the body - its movement, its capabilities, its strengths. As an individual, she is enthusiastic about the intricacies of the human body and focuses on promoting health and well-being.

Nonica teaches Barre a Terre on Tuesdays from 6.30-7.30pm.


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