Guided Kirtan with Vaun

Thursday, December 15, 2022
6:30PM - 8PM
Core Clapton
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Kirtan is a form of musical meditation where the voice is used to create some auspiciousness by invoking divine energies. The practice is scientifically proven to pacify an agitated mind. The call and response section of mantra is optional but greatly encouraged.  

This event will begin with Pranayama and intention setting, and close with time for reflection and an opportunity to share insight.  

Vaun has been guiding healing modalities such as Yoga, Gong and Reiki for over 5 years In a variety of environments.  

They believe that their role as a guide should be intrinsic to the origins of the healing practices, adapting to the subtle nuances of modern living. They endeavour to live and reflect upon their teachings with consistent study and practice, to elevate their ability to disseminate and produce knowledge. Vaun cultivates a sensuous, enveloping environment, governed by their natural creative and curious nature. They encourage participants to abandon the ego in order to explore new dimensions of self.  

As we delve deeper, it becomes more apparent that we are governed unconsciously by a collective force, which often doesn’t serve our capacity to remain peaceful in the present. Are we happy or just distracting ourselves from sadness? Despite all the technological advancements and comforts of modernity, we habitually flow and ebb against an unnatural current, to our own detriment. This way of being breeds depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, addiction and disconnection.  

Vaun feels that the intersections that have challenged and nurtured their ability to cognise their position in the world have led them to guide. As a Social Activist and Yoga Practitioner, Vaun is actively pursuing avenues to promote healing in underrepresented, undervalued and economically marginalised communities. Cultivating spaces, to promote a wider spectrum of representation and inclusion, centring QTPOC individuals.

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