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Christmas Appeal 2019

We believe that everyone has the right to live a pain-free life.
Help us refurbish our hall so we can further our mission of making osteopathy accessible to all.

About Us

Since its founding in 2016, Core Clapton has been providing affordable osteopathy treatments to a community that otherwise may not be able to afford them. In order to fund this endeavor, our main hall is rented out for wellness classes and events. The space is perfect for large classes and celebrations such as weddings, yet there are still essential improvements that need to be made. 

Help us achieve our goal to put an end to chronic pain 

Our goal this year is to fully refurbish the main hall in our centre. The top priority is to enhance the acoustics in order to provide a better experience for our clients. Sound regulating panels will reduce echoing within the hall, while a new floor with rubber matting will absorb sound, as well as make our wellness classes more comfortable. Double glazing the windows will allow the sound to stay within the hall and not disturb our neighbours during evening events. 



In the colder months our current heating system doesn’t have the power to fully warm the large space. As we offer wellness classes to all ages and rent the space for special events, it’s essential to have a system that allows us to maintain temperatures while also allowing better air ventilation.


Approximate cost: £10,000

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Due to the size and openness of our space, sound is not easily absorbed and tends to echo throughout the room causing excess reverberation. To combat this, we need to install vertically mounted baffles to the ceiling as well as horizontally mounted panels to existing walls, both made from high-density fibre glass materials.

Approximate cost: £10,000


Our current flooring is made from plywood with no resilient layer to reduce noise or absorb shock. To enhance sound absorption and make our flooring more comfortable for our wellness classes, we need to install a foam rubber matting below and replace the plywood with a new layer of flooring. 

Approximate cost: £10,000


Our windows are part of what makes our hall so special, allowing natural light to fill the space during the day. However, as we rent our space out for evening events, we are subject to potential noise complaints from our neighbors. Installing a secondary glass sheet over all windows would considerably reduce sound transference.

Approximate cost: £5,000


Our biggest source of income is from renting our space out for weddings and photoshoots. We would like to install four modern dimmable chandeliers that would act as a centrepiece for weddings, yet be easily hidden if needed for photoshoots.

Approximate cost: £5,000


There are many benefits to having plants in our homes and businesses. They improve air quality, encourage creativity, speed up illness, and create a calmer and happier environment. As we are a wellness centre, we believe having plants throughout our space is a valuable addition.

Approximate cost: £2,000

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Since its been three years since we first renovated the building, the hall deserves to be spruced up with a fresh new coating of paint. 

Approximate cost: £1,000

Total to Raise: £43,000 

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