Christa Powell


Christa is a registered Osteopath with a background in contemporary dance and yoga. During the time Christa spent travelling as a professional dancer, she realised that she had a strong passion for health and bodywork. After a period teaching yoga and studying Thai Massage, she went on to attain a Masters degree from the British College of Osteopathy in 2015. She continued to develop her yoga teaching skills at the renown YogaWorks in New York City and worked locally to support mums in the community cope with the physical stresses of pregnancy and birth. She has a keen interest in treating women’s health conditions and can help during the pre-and postnatal period.

Christa strives to offer honest advice and practical help so her patients can play a more active part in their treatment both during and outside of sessions. She believes that the patient is the key player in osteopathic care.

Christa is an osteopath at Core Clapton on Thursdays.



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