Clinic Opening Hours


Monday to Wednesday: 9am - 9pm

Thursday and Friday: 9am - 6pm

Body Psychotherapy is about feeling more at home in yourself. Our bodily states shape what we think and do, yet they tend to be the parts of us that we pay less attention to in everyday life. Body psychotherapy asks you to listen to these states, so you can learn from your own experience. Different people learn to listen to their body in different ways. Techniques can include massage, movement, posture work, awareness practices and visual imagery. In each session, you will talk about what matters most to you with your therapist, and explore things in a way that feels right to you.


Regular Body Psychotherapy sessions can help you to feel and deal with strong emotions, to rest and relax with greater ease, to adapt well to life changes, to find new ways of being with others, to live life fully without being overwhelmed, and to move towards greater comfort, security and joy.

Appointments are available at Core Clapton on Fridays with Yvonne.