"We believe everybody has the right to a pain-free life and we want to make osteopathy accessible to all".

Core Clapton is an innovative centre for holistic health and wellbeing, with osteopathy at its heart.

In July 2017 Danny Orchard founded CORE, the Centre for Osteopathic Research and Excellence, with the aim of creating a pioneering social healthcare clinic. Since then, it has been Danny's aim to provide reduced cost osteopathic treatments to those who normally would not be able to afford it. Moreover, driven to enhance the prospects of newly qualified osteopaths and keen to further their learning after graduating, he founded Core Clapton. The division is a Graduate Learning Programme including a  research hub for advancing osteopathic healthcare during a year-long practical course, designed to help the brightest young osteopaths grow in expertise. Realising that the beautiful Core Clapton building and its situation encouraged a wider community focus, Danny expanded remit of the Centre to encourage wellness activities and alternative holistic treatments to help people to cultivate a pain-free life.

Through the passionate and relentless work of Danny and our team of Associate Osteopaths, the Core Clapton community is growing and shaping the Centre into East London's haven for vitality and mindful movement.


Core Clapton

Registered Charity: No. 1166246

Registered Address:

161 Northwold Road, Upper Clapton

London, E5 8RL

Telephone: 0300 561 0161

Email: info@coreclapton.org

Clinic Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

10am - 4pm

Tuesday &  Thursday: Closed

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